Tips for Moving While Starting a Home-Based Business

By Guest Writer: Patrick Young

For the last several months, many people have gotten their first taste of working from home. Though some may have discovered that it’s not a great fit, many more are unleashing the extra productivity and increased job satisfaction that is often linked to working remotely. Pair this discovery with an entrepreneurial mindset, and you’ll find many people beginning to start their own home-based business. 

However, not all homes are equipped to handle the demands of a home-based business. At a minimum, you need a dedicated workspace you can use to create some sort of physical work-life barrier — otherwise, you’re bound to wind up feeling “always on” and, eventually, burnt out. Moreover, many at-home businesses require a dedicated workshop, high-capacity electrical wiring, and more. 

If your current home can’t meet these demands, it only makes sense to upgrade. However, moving house while starting a home-based business can be a massive undertaking. Here are some tips from 5 Star Realty to help you make the most of this transition: 

Protect Your Assets 

Whenever you’re starting a business, it’s important to recognize that you’re taking on some level of legal risk. Although most business owners don’t expect to find themselves on the losing end of a lawsuit, it’s important to plan for that possibility. One way to protect yourself in that event is to set up an LLC. This creates a layer of legal protection between your private assets (e.g., your car, your house, your savings) and your business assets. 

You should also take some time to interview small business lawyers in your area — ideally, ones with a specialty in your field. Find one you can trust, and turn to them as you’re getting your business started. This way, you’ll know all the potential legal pitfalls you may encounter and you’ll be prepared to avoid them. 

Finding Your New Home 

When it comes to your house hunt, all the usual advice applies. Turn to a trustworthy real estate agent who knows the area you’re interested in for guidance. Make a list of wants and needs, and think seriously about what you won’t accept in a property. Above all, research your market to get a sense of what you can reasonably expect to find. 

However, there are some additional steps you should keep in mind as a small business owner. In addition to your personal “wants-needs” list, you should make a separate list specifically for your business needs. At the end of the day, the needs on this list should probably take the highest priority, especially fundamental business needs such as electrical capacity or workshop space. Remember, you’re moving in order to make your home-based business functional — don’t skip the details that make that happen. 

Hire Help 

Finally, don’t try to do everything on your own when it comes to this move. Turning to pros will make this process a lot easier, allowing you to continue to put effort into your business as you move. For example, you probably already know you can hire movers, but did you know many moving companies also offer packing services? You can also hire people to decorate and organize your new workspace for maximum productivity. 

If you’d prefer to stay hands-on with the move, or you worry you’ll be stretched too thin, you should also look into hiring a temporary worker during your transition. For example, you can hire a freelancer to take over your social media account throughout the move, or work with a virtual personal assistant to keep everything going smoothly. If you really like the work they do, you’ll have also developed a handy connection that you can continue to use down the line. 

Sufficient space is an absolute must for the home-based business, and if your current living space doesn’t offer it, you’ll need to upgrade. As intimidating as this process can be, it’s also a great opportunity for you to push your business — and yourself — into a brighter future. 

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– This article was written by Patrick Young. Check out some of Patrick’s other articles at AbleUSA.

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