Do's and Don'ts Of Two House Living: Entrepreneur Edition

By Guest Writer: Patrick Young

There are pros and cons to living in two states, just like there is for owning a business. When you’re in the middle of both situations, though, you definitely have your work cut out for you. However, with these quick tips from 5 Star Realty, you can make the most of the time you spend in each location.

On top of owning a business and two homes, it’s likely that you have a pet, too. Do keep them safe while traveling back and forth between homes. It’s important to use a carrier and know where the veterinarians are located along your travel route. Something you should not do when moving between states with a pet is forgoing obtaining a health certificate, which may be required when going across state lines – California-based Mueller Veterinary Hospital notes that there are no exceptions for service animals.

When you move around a lot, organization is essential. Stay organized by running your business as much as possible from the cloud. Working online has plenty of advantages, including reducing your carbon footprint and allowing you to scale quickly.

One big don’t on our list: don’t overspend or double-spend when you don’t have to. Make sure you check your local market to get a good idea for the housing prices in your area. Also, make sure you check out objective product reviews before buying so that you don’t waste money. A few more ideas include sticking to one television bill by using streaming services. If you’re only at one home for a short time during the year, you might also consider using a hotspot. AllConnect also suggests purchasing your own internet equipment for each location if you have to have a dedicated account.

Business Structure
Something all business owners that travel should do is appoint a registered agent for their business. This is a person designated to help you handle operations when you’re unavailable. Your agent will follow your predetermined decision-making process, and they will receive notifications for taxes, legal issues, or other issues. You may also want to ensure that your LLC is set up legally and that you have a virtual assistant to help take care of everyday business tasks. 

You Should Know The Average Costs
Moving around means having to learn different costs in different locations. While we don’t know exactly where you’ll be, the following are a few average expenses you might expect in various spots around the US

  • Groceries and Utilities. Different areas can vary wildly in terms of cost. For instance, in Whitefish, Montana, groceries are just slightly above average – though utilities are a bit cheaper than the national average.
  • Healthcare is expensive no matter where you buy it. However, if you live in St. Paul, Minnesota, you can expect to spend about $292 per month versus up to $800 anywhere in Wyoming.
  • If you need offsite storage for your home goods in Bristol, Maine, you can get 70 sq. ft. for as little as $72 per month from Bristol Mills Storage.

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging. However, navigating life between two homes doesn’t have to be. Today’s tips can help you handle two houses without sacrificing your business’s services or your sanity in savings.

Whether you’re hoping to buy or sell, 5 Star Realty is here for you! Call 406-862-1000.

This article was written by Patrick Young. Check out some of Patrick’s other articles at AbleUSA. You can also reach out to him via email at

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