Leaving A Career Trail Of Success

cute, st patricks day, patrick-2151926.jpgA brisk real estate market can bring out the worst behavior in many real estate agents. Some become complacent, make excuses, lack follow through or forgo the spirit of cooperation.

The level of professionalism can always be higher. Buying/selling consumers must be able to discern who will diligently go to work for them to achieve their set goals.

Successful habits in any market, means:

  1. Showing up to work on time, rather than 30-minutes late because my lunch conversation became more important than arriving on time to meet buyer clients at a scheduled showing.
  2. Consistently engaging clients as they move through a house, rather than having my eyes glued to the cell phone, texting the entire time, while they wander from room to room.
  3. Learning everything about the product I sell, knowing construction standards, systems, and functions to better inform clients. Being ignorantly blasé can send me packing!
  4. Thinking ahead when submitting offers, negotiating terms and conditions effectively plus setting appointments for appraisal, inspection, final walk-through to closing.
  5. Adhering to deadlines while practicing the spirit of cooperation among peers and affiliates for the overall success of buyers and sellers’ clients who are dependent upon us.

Bottom Line: Agency is much more than just signing paperwork, showing homes, or putting a sign in a yard. It includes intentionally serving clients as a true professional to help them achieve their goals.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all our Friends!

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